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Summer of Fairies

H ello you! I hope you're having a wonderful summer. Perhaps through the July heat, Corona virus, and planning the crazy upcoming school year, you & your family have found ways to make some amazing memories; or at least not kill one another. I'm going to be honest, at times we're going crazy at my house! No eating out, family shopping trips, bounce houses, or vacations has my children actually wanting to go to school. Because of this quarantine, we've tried harder to find ways to enjoy life. Some days it's a real challenge and some days we actually succeed. Every once in a while, you're thrown a pity bone. Usually we head to the lake in the Spring to let the kids play in the mayflies. They hatch out once year when the weather starts to warm up. They look like a swarm of tiny fairies floating above the tall grass at the lake. This year, they came a second time. I've always wanted to get pictures of the boys running through them & I finally did! They a

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