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Ay, Corona….

Howdy friends!

Well, we are all now in quarantine with this insane Corona Virus running rampant. I have not blogged or maintained my website or social media pages in ages; having my daughter has taken a toll on personal time! Well, okay, it’s not just her, but that in addition to 2 boys in school, there’s not much time for my stuff. Now with this covid-19 menacing about, I’m finding a little extra time because school is closed, but I can’t have photo shoots with anyone. Ugh. We can book for something in the future though, so keep that in mind.
Anyhow, I do hope everyone out there is healthy & keeping your sanity with some really new hobbies, (that don’t include digging graves in your backyard garden for your spouse, -though I totally understand).

As of January, I signed up for my third consecutive 365 photo project. If anyone is interested, it’s through Meg Bitton & is led by the wonderful Sarah Lewis Morris. Every day, Sarah posts a prompt in our private group and we set out…

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