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Ready, Re-Set, Go!

Happy New Year everyone!The New Year usually brings to light changes people would like to make within themselves. We feel like we get the chance to hit the reset button and try again. We make lots of jokes about it because these attempts at change often don’t last beyond a month or two. It takes a lot of focus and determination to ever see real results.
But, I have decided to climb on the New Year bandwagon. That’s right, I’m totally goal setting! But instead of setting myself up for failure, I am making a plan to make my life (a tad) easier. At least emotionally. Many of you know my family welcomed a third child in October with the birth of our first daughter, Lena. I wouldn’t trade her for the entire world, but it is a pure circus in my house, every single day. I say this without a single bit of exaggeration. Mom brain is at the wheel & am lucky to remember to brush my teeth. 
Understandably, I’ve been a little worried about getting in some sessions while juggling a baby in 2020.…

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