Ay, Corona….

Howdy friends!

Well, we are all now in quarantine with this insane Corona Virus running rampant. I have not blogged or maintained my website or social media pages in ages; having my daughter has taken a toll on personal time! Well, okay, it’s not just her, but that in addition to 2 boys in school, there’s not much time for my stuff. Now with this covid-19 menacing about, I’m finding a little extra time because school is closed, but I can’t have photo shoots with anyone. Ugh. We can book for something in the future though, so keep that in mind.

Anyhow, I do hope everyone out there is healthy & keeping your sanity with some really new hobbies, (that don’t include digging graves in your backyard garden for your spouse, -though I totally understand).

As of January, I signed up for my third consecutive 365 photo project. If anyone is interested, it’s through Meg Bitton & is led by the wonderful Sarah Lewis Morris. Every day, Sarah posts a prompt in our private group and we set out to capture this word in a photograph. Anyway, the first year I did this, my skills expanded phenomenally within the first 5 months. Last year I was pregnant and flat out miserable and didn’t keep up with anything. I failed with a big fat F.

This year I am keeping up the project at a reasonable pace and creating things, which I’m now extra grateful for since I’m stuck at home. I never went out socializing before, but now I don’t go to the store, school, the post office, or any of the local parks. It has made finding my inspiration a real challenge!

A few days ago, we were given the word “mist”. It has not been misty here. There is nowhere I am going to find it either. 5 a.m. is not my jam and I am not loading up my kids in search of mist at such an ungodly hour. Mist brings creepy things to my mind (like Stephen King thoughts). I thought, “Hey! I bet I could paint my arm green and make a monster out of it.” Better yet, I knew I could make my son paint his arm. And I did. He lied in the sand so I could get a picture of his arm “erupting from the earth” to attack mankind. I almost stuck a cowering kid in there, but I was out of time and patience; maybe next time. I cut his arm out of the image and plopped it in one I took of my dogs on a foggy morning in Mexico many moons ago. Then I added some creepy crawlies and some extra fog, played with the coloring and I was done. Not a brilliant work of art, but it was fun and the practice is ALWAYS good.  


If there’s something you would like to see me create, let me hear it. I’m even toying with the idea of making images from your pictures. If you’d like to have your kid being chased by a dinosaur, or petting a fantasy creature, let me know; we might can make it happen.


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