An Array of Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration is hard to come across and others it pops up everywhere. When I feel like I’m in a slump or if I’m trying to build on a concept, I often turn to the beloved Pinterest website. There are at least two boards I created purely for inspirational purposes. It could be the outfit, the colors, the hair, makeup, setting, or simply the mood of the “pin”.

The pins I have collected range from portraits & other kinds of photography, to illustrations & paintings, to tattoos, and just all kinds of art! Inspiration can be found almost anywhere and honestly I have too many ideas to ever be able to finish my checklist. I value the ability to be able to find beauty and/or appreciation in almost anything and anyone. It gives me the power to see potential and create so many possibilities; it’s like my own superpower!

So here are a few things from in inspiration board that I have saved:

This I saved for the makeup. The candy colors are pure bliss!

I’m a fan of “graffiti” too. It’s even more awesome when it incorporates elements from the environment.

I’ve seen a lot of silhouettes, but this one is divine. The textures and highlights really make a strong impact, given the lack of color palette here.

I have no tattoos, but it’s not because I don’t admire them. I have a few saved for inspiration. The watercolor ones are my absolute favorite. In addition to the style, this concept really gets my gears moving. I wouldn’t copy it, but I could definitely adopt elements of this tattoo into a photograph.

What inspires you? Artists aren’t the only ones that use inspiration! Is it quotes, images, paintings, or news stories? Open up & share.

If you would like to check out my Inspiration board, or my million others, you can follow it here: Karmen's Inspiration Board


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